ODB - David Baker - Wins LAPC's WPT Championship

One of the game’s most respected players in the poker community, David ‘ODB’ Baker, is the 2019 WPT Champion, defeating Matas Cimbolas heads-up as final table action wrapped up at the HyperX Esports Arena inside the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Here’s the full final table coverage, as provided by the WPT Live Updates team.

Devil of a River Saves Moussa


LEVEL - 25    ANTE - 40000    BLINDS - 20000/40000    ENTRIES - 7/546

Jean-Claude Moussa - the short-stack among the remaining seven players in the WPT $10,000 Championship - doesn’t like it when he see’s the Jacks flipped up by James Carroll.

Moussa has Sixes and needs to improve or the WPT Final Table is set and play is done until reconvening in Las Vegas on the 11th.






666 and Moussa lives to see more hands.

Moussa to 1.25 million, Carroll down to 1.45 million.

Baker Eliminates Fontan - WPT Championships 1 Away from Final Table


LEVEL - 25    ANTE - 40000    BLINDS - 20000/40000    ENTRIES - 7/546

David Baker eliminates Paul Fontan in 8th place ($122,870), leaving the WPT $10,000 Championship one elimination away from the end of play in the second-floor poker tournament area at the Commerce Casino.

Once down to 6, play stops until March 11 in the HyperX Esports Arena inside the Luxor in Las Vegas, where final table filming takes place.

Meskin Departs in 9th in @WPT Championship


LEVEL - 24   ANTE - 30000    BLINDS - 15000/30000    ENTRIES - 8/546

Mike Meskin’s voice has echoed through the LAPC halls for four-plus days as be managed a nub of a stack all the way to the last remaining table.

Bolting up from his seat time and again to announce his all-in moves, Meskin both entertained, and in a few instances, irritated his tablemates with his booming voice and his proclamations.

All in for not much more than the opening raise from Darren Elias, Meskin rises not as rapidly as in previous times and announces his intentions - and the fact he’s pretty sure he’ll be called.

Elias does call and off they go.

J-Q for Meskin

K♠︎ 3♠︎

Two spades on the flop, A♠︎ on the turn and the boisterous Meskin is eliminated in 9th place ($97,500), offering best wishes to the remaining players.

Fontan Four-Flushes To Double Through Carroll


LEVEL - 23    ANTE - 25000    BLINDS - 15000/25000    ENTRIES - 9/546

Paul Fontan opens, Darren Elias 3-bets, James Carroll flats, Fontan moves in for his last 1.135 million, Elias steps out of the way and Carrol snap-calls to put Fontan at risk of elimination in 9th place in the WPT Championship

Carroll shows Kings

A♥︎ K♣︎ for Fontan

The all-clubs flop - J♣︎ 3♣︎ 7♣︎ - throws a bunch of extra outs at Fontan and he collects with the turn 9♣︎.

Carroll slips to 2.8 million