Chips Are in the Bags for Event #2 $350 NLH Triple Stack. Updated Chip Counts and Payouts

We have reached the money in Event #2 with 43 players remaining and 3:29 left in level 15 (5k/10k 10k). The chips are in the bags and players will be returning tomorrow at 1pm to play to a winner. A familiar face sits atop the leaderboard. Haris Karim (pictured) won the $350 Social Experiment that also had a $100k Guarantee during the LAPC. Apparently the 30k starting stack is his new bread and butter. He’ll come in tomorrow with nearly 700k and chips, and look to win this type of Event in back to back series. A total list of chip counts and payouts can be found by clicking below.

Event 2 Day 1 Chip Counts

128 Through 1 Level in Triple Stack Turbo


LEVEL - 2    ANTE - 200    BLINDS - 100/200    ENTRIES - 128

One 15-minute level is in the books in tonight’s $25,000 Guaranteed $175 Triple Stack Turbo - 30,000 stacks and 15-min levels - and the board shows 128 entries.

Registration and the unlimited re-entry period is available until the start of Level 11 at 8pm in this 9-handed tourney paying 1-in-8 of the overall starting field.

Event 35 - $175 Triple Stack Turbo - Structure Sheet