CSPC 2019 Kickoff Event Numbers and Payouts

323 total entries came out for this year’s opening Event, which means Commerce Casino added $1500 to get to the $50,000 Guarantee. 41 places will be ITM. Registration is still open tonight for the $175 Mega Satellite, and it appears as though there may be some added money in that tournament as well. The Kickoff Event is going to be playing down to a final table tonight, and returning tomorrow to play to a completion. Here’s a list of payouts for the top 41 finishers in tonight’s Event:

1st $10,730 2nd $7,570 3rd $4,870 4th $3,110 5th $2,400 6th $1,980 7th $1,670 8th $1,370 9th $1,080 10th-12th $930 13th-15th $780 16th-18th $650 19th-21st $530 22nd-24th $430 25th-27th $380 28th-36th $320 37th-41st $260