The Commerce Overlay Series Continues With 1 More Flight In the $500,000 Guarantee

There isn’t a better value in town than Commerce Casino over the next couple of days. The $570 buy in $500k Guarantee Event has registration open today until 5:30p, then one final flight tomorrow at 1pm. The Dolphins are more likely to win the super bowl than this tournament is to cover the guarantee, so head on down. There are 2 satellites each with 10 seats guaranteed today at 4pm and 6pm, so even if $570 is a little out of the budget, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get a piece of the house added money.

$570 The Deep Stack Structure

#TheAbyss is About to Become a $360 One Day $250,000 Guarantee Event....

With 520 entries so far through the first 4 flights of The Abyss, we are still nearly $100k short of the guarantee. Registration will remain open until 2:15pm on Sunday 9/1, which means players can register the Event Sunday, then play to a winner on Sunday night. Anyone who hasn’t qualified yet could potentially come in on Sunday and play it like a One Day Event. Buy in for $360 in the morning and win a share of the $250,000, including a very possible overlay.

A list of all those that have qualified so far can be found here, and an updated list will be posted later tonight along with seat draws for tomorrow’s field.

CSPC Main Event Day 1C Numbers Leaves Possible #OverlayAlert

The 3rd session of the Main Event got 269 total entries, which means we are still 381 away from hitting the $1 million guarantee with 1 more session to go. Saturday will likely be the busiest starting flight, but there is still a real possibility that we come up short and have to add the rest of the prize pool. 22 players will be making their way to day 2 once we bag tonight. 29th-34th will recieve $1,600, and 23rd-28th will recieve $2,000.

Registration for the last Mega of the series is open tonight until 10:15pm