Day 2 Qualifiers So Far From Event 2 "The Overlay" Shootout.

The 6pm session is underway with only 47 players. There's just one more flight tonight at 9pm. Here's a list of those that have qualified for day 2 from the first 3 sessions. Still coming in around $35k short with one more session to come at 9pm

Matthew Sacks
Runquing Luan
Victor Crisostomo
Carl Pederson
Adrian Moreno
Roberto Salamone
Nguyen Nguyen
Moti Ohayon
Raymon Colbert
Danny Chen
Christopher Doan
Mathew Mann
Warren Woodall
Beau Winn
Behzad Teranie
Robert Mantin
Paul Domb
Lance Allred
Repesh Pattni
Alex Hua
Kwok Lee