$1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship Title Goes to Halpern


Don Halpern takes about half of Frankie O’Dell’s chips on the very first hand of heads-up play in the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship final table, extending his chiplead to a 5-1 margin.

A few more hands take place, O’Dell asks Halpern - who is anxious to get across the second-floor Commerce Casino tournament room to enter the $1,100 PLO8 - to alter the payouts slightly to give O’Dell $17k and Halpern a 5-spot shy of $21k. The gentlemen agree and all the chips go to Halpern as winner of LAPC Event 53.

This is Halpern’s fourth 2019 LAPC final table appearance. He finished as runner-up to James Woods in the $570 Triple Triple Draw, 3rd in the $350 PLO8 and 4th in the $570 BigO/PLO8/O8. Halpern moves in to 3rd place in the Mixed Game Player of the Series leaderboard and in to the Top-10 on the Overall POTS leaderboard. POTS

Here’s the final results.

Yogo Out in 3rd, Halpern With Lead on @FrankieODell as O8/Stud8 Heads-Up Play Begins

DSC_0001 (6).jpg

Frankie O’Dell did the heavy lifting early at the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship final table, taking care of eliminating shorter stacks, but it is Don Halpern taking control in the latter stages.

Halpern has just eliminated Iori Yogo in 3rd place ($9,890) to set up a heads-up match where Halpern has a 3-1 chiplead over O’Dell.

5th for @AriEngelPoker in $1,100 O8/Stud8 Championship


In with A♥︎ 3♥︎ 3♥︎ T♦︎ for the remainder of his chips, Ari Engel is up against the A♠︎ 7♠︎ 2♦︎ 3♦︎ of Frankie O’Dell.

The board goes 7♦︎ 5♠︎ A♣︎ 4♥︎ K♥︎ and O’Dell eliminates another player from the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship final table.

Engel cashes for $4,990 and moves for now in to the Top-10 on the Overall LAPC Player of the Series leaderboard.

O’Dell is at 550,000 of the 1.45 million in play, 4-0handed with Tony Ma, Don Halpern and Iori Yogo

5-Handed Chipcounts at O8/Stud8 Final Table

DSC_0001 (6).jpg

LEVEL - 22    ANTE - 5000    BRING IN - 10000     BLINDS - 15000/25000 LIMITS - 25000/50000    ENTRIES - 5/73

Down to 5 players in the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship, the players are on a 10-minute break so here’s a chance to catch up on some estimated chipcounts.

  1. Frankie O’Dell - 465,000

  2. Tony Ma - 430,000

  3. Iori Yogo - 305,000

  4. Don Halpern (pictured) - 260,000

  5. Ari Engel - 95,000