14 Players Remain For Event 45 $1,100 Pot Limit Omaha

The later stages of the LAPC always come with the increased buy ins, bigger prize pools, and sometimes a much more jovial atmosphere. The $1,100 buy in version of Pot Limit Omaha was just such an occasion, as players seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Bottles of Opus One were flowing, sushi was being ordered, and laughter could be heard throughout the ballroom. When registration came to a close, there were 111 entries creating a 1st place prize of just over $30,000. The final 14 players will return at 3pm to play until there is one remaining. A complete list of chip counts and seating assignments can be found here.

Brad Anderson Leads the Remaining 8 Players in Event 44 $1,100 Limit Hold'em Event

85 total entries were tallied for today’s $1,100 Limit Hold’em Event, and day 1 play would continue until the final table was reached in this 8 handed Event. Play will resume tomorrow at 1pm, and the remaining players will play for their shot at the $24,945 first place prize, as well as the Player of the Series points and the Remington. Look for many of those eliminated during the Omaha registration to head straight to the cage to sign up for their next event. All remaining chip counts can be found here.

$10,240 to Event 6 Winner

Registration has closed on Event 6 in the 2019 LAPC - the $350 Omaha8/Stud 8 and the board shows 136 entries. The players created a prize pool of $40,210, paying 17 places, with the winner receiving $10,240.

Here’s all the scheduled payouts.

1/23/19 LAPC
$350 Omaha8/Stud8
135 Entries
$40,210 Prize Pool
17 Places Paid
1 $10,240
2 $6,840
3 $4,780
4 $3,430
5 $,2540
6 $1,930
7 $1,520
8 $1,230
9-10 $1,030
11-12 $890
13-14 $790
15-16 $740
17 $710

Early Arrivals for Omaha8/Stud8

LEVEL - 2 ANTE -25 BRING-IN - 50 BLINDS - 75/150 LIMITS 150/300

A quick trip through the tournament area and I see Ron ‘Grumpy’ Ware, James Woods, Norman Chad and Manju Gera already in the field for today’s $350 Omaha8/Stud8, Event 6 in the LAPC .. but hey, it’s early and I just got here.

12,500 stacks, 30-min levels, registration and the single-available re-entry open to the start of Level 7 at 4:30pm.

Gera is the only person I know to win a WSOP Circuit Casino Champion title without ever playing a single Hold’em hand. She took down the September 2018 TVPokerRoom title with a HORSE win and final tables in Omaha8 and PLO.

Event 6 Structure Sheet

Adam Kipnis Defeats Huge Omaha 8 Field in Opening Mixed Event

It seemed as though many of the mixed game players were itching to get things going after seeing the success of the NLH events, and the numbers didn’t disappoint. There were 186 entries into LAPC Event #4 $350 Omaha 8 or Better, and once it was all said and done, Adam Kipnis was able to walk away with a $10,000 first prize, the trophy, and an early lead in the Mixed game Player of the Series race.

Seems likely that many of the same faces will show up tomorrow as we play our Triple Stud Event which begins at 1:00pm. A complete list of Event 4 results can be found here.