Numbers Are in For $350 NLH Jacked Stack With $100,000 Guarantee

Running a $350 buy in $100k Guarantee on a Monday may seem like a bit of a gamble, but it paid off today we had 344 entries to just notch the 334 needed. 43 players are going to bag tonight and come back tomorrow to finish things up. First place is just over $22k, and we’ll see which player grabs that prize tomorrow.

There are a bunch of Mega Satellites coming up for the Million Dollar Main Event that starts on Wednesday. 10 seats are guaranteed Tuesday at 1pm, 4:30pm, and 8pm. The 10 seat guarantees continue on Wed, Thurs, and Fri at 5:30pm, and there’s a 5 seat guarantee every night at 8pm.

Win a $25,000 High Roller Seat for $3k at 8pm


At least one seat to tomorrow’s $25,500 High Roller is up for grabs in the 8pm $3,000 Satellite.

Start with 25,000 stacks and play 15-minute levels in the satellite. Registration and the unlimited-entry period is available until the start of Level 7 at 10:15pm.

One High Roller seat is guaranteed in to tomorrow’s 3pm $25,000 High Roller start.

Before anyone asks … yes, this is the same as all satellites, your chips are in play tomorrow when cards go in the air, for you’re entered in the tournament once you win your seat for tomorrow.

69 More @WPT $10k Championship Seats Awarded @LAPC


LEVEL - 7    ANTE - 1500    BLINDS - 1000/1500    ENTRIES - 666

Registration has closed on the final 50-seat-guarantee One Day One Million Mega in the 2019 LAPC, and the board shows 666 entries.

69 players players are winning seats to this weekend’s WPT $10,000 Championship tomorrow. Combine this with the afternoon 83-seat flight and today’s Mega Satellites move 152 players in to Saturday’s noon-start WPT $10,000 Championship.

That’s more than $1.5 million in WPT Championship seats awarded in today’s $1,100 Megas.

Starting at 135 players remaining, the overall chipleader on each table break rom 135 left down to 63 left is going to be pulled from the Mega, awarded his/her WPT Championship seat and his/her chips removed from the tournament.

Once down to 63 players, a redraw takes place to seven 9-handed tables and the BDP One-And-Done format kicks in. once one player is eliminated at a table, the remaining players at that table win their WPT Championship seat and go home.

487 Entries in One Day One Million Mega After 2 Levels


LEVEL - 3    ANTE - 400    BLINDS - 200/400    ENTRIES - 487

An hour of play is in the books in tonight’s last One Day One Million Mega and the board shows 487 entries, with registration and the unlimited re-entry period available until the start of Level 7 (around/about/near 10:50pm, but I’m low on coffee so those numbers could vary. I promise reg closes when Level 7 begins).

50 seats guaranteed in to tomorrow’s Noon-start for the WPT $10,000 Championship and the guarantee is already covered.

REMEMBER, players, if you win a seat for tomorrow, your chips go in to play at noon when Level 1 begins, because you have been entered and assigned a seat in the tournament.

And They're off in Second Flight of One Day One Million


LEVEL - 1    ANTE - 200    BLINDS - 100/200    ENTRIES - 405

Cards are in the air for the second and final flight in the One Day One Million - an $1,100 buy-in to win a seat in tomorrow’s WPT $10,000 Championship - and there’s a 50-seat guarantee on this Mega Satellite.

20,000 stacks, 30-minute levels, registration available until the start of Level 7 at about 10:50pm, but don’t hold me to that time on the clock, I’m guesstimating. There was a delay in the start of this flight as tables cleared from the yuge 800-entry afternoon flight of the one Day One Million.

Today marks the first 4-figure buy-in for the One-And-Done Satellite format. The World-Wide debut of the BDP One-And-Done format took place Thursday and was a huge success.

At predetermined points in the tournament, the chip leader(s) will be removed from play and awarded their seat. When the number of players left to be eliminated is equal to the final number of tables to be used, there will be a total redraw of balanced tables, and the tournament will run as a reverse shootout. Once one player is eliminated at a table, the rest of that table receives their seat. (See the structure sheet and One-And-Done table for details).

The 1pm Mega drew 800 entries, creating 83 WPT $10,000 Championship seats.

How high will the number go for this Mega?

Stay tuned.