Numbers Are in For $350 NLH Jacked Stack With $100,000 Guarantee

Running a $350 buy in $100k Guarantee on a Monday may seem like a bit of a gamble, but it paid off today we had 344 entries to just notch the 334 needed. 43 players are going to bag tonight and come back tomorrow to finish things up. First place is just over $22k, and we’ll see which player grabs that prize tomorrow.

There are a bunch of Mega Satellites coming up for the Million Dollar Main Event that starts on Wednesday. 10 seats are guaranteed Tuesday at 1pm, 4:30pm, and 8pm. The 10 seat guarantees continue on Wed, Thurs, and Fri at 5:30pm, and there’s a 5 seat guarantee every night at 8pm.

Jacked Stack Wraps Up with Scott Taking Top Honors


Brian Scott (pictured) - A morning host on KUCI 88.9FM out of Irvine, so says his LinkedIn bio - claimed top honors as the final five players in the $350 Jacked Stacked II brought the tournament to a close.

Here’s a look at all 134 payouts from the three-day, two-flight event that drew 1,062 entries and the players created a prize pool of more than 3x the $100k Guarantee.

9-32nd Place in Jacked Stacked II - The Payouts


Here’s the players finishing in 9-32nd place in the 2019 LAPC Jacked Stacked II

9. Alison Grippo, $5,270 - 10. David Tovmasyan, $5,270 - 11. Howard Hollman, $4,210 - 12. Young Eum, $4,210 - 13. Samuel Seliger, $3,400 - 14. Hector Alvarez, $3,400 - 15. John Theis, $2,770 - 16. Gabriel Greenberg, $2,770.

$2,290 Payouts

17. Gregg Milhaupt; 18. Marcus Casteneda; 19. Mark Radenbush; 20. Prince Cassell

$1,920 Payouts

21. Nai Le; 22. Chaeyoon Lee; 23. Jose Lozanomata; 24. Eli Lowenthal 

$1,620 Payouts

25. Razmik Peria; 26. Khang La; 27. Allen Patatanyan; 28. Kevin Gimble; 29. Ira Friedman; 30. Jerry Richardson; 31. Andrew Cha 32; Zachar yMilman