Quoc Rides Escalator to Grab the Remington


Le Quoc took control of the $1,100 Escalator final table early, eliminating start-of-day chipleader Brandon Zuidema in just 15 minutes of play.

A massive straight-over-straight cooler moved Quoc to 75 percent of all the chips 3-handed, and the tourney came to a close with Quoc and Jack Pan making a minor adjustment to the scheduled payout.

Pan and Sean Yu were tied for the Overall Player of the Series lead going in to this event, but Pan’s 25 points for second place puts Yu in a position of needing a deep run soon to move up.

Here’s the final results.

Duczak Crushed in Escalator Cooler


LEVEL - 18    ANTE - 10000    BLINDS - 5000/10000    ENTRIES - 2/88

Le Quoc and Adam Duczak had just about leveled their stacks 3-handed in the $1,100 Escalator, Jack Pan with the remaining 200,000 in the event.

Duczak flops a straight, holding 5-7 on the 6-8-9 board.

Quoc, however, has 7-T for a bigger straight.

ALL the chips go in, Quoc moves to 1.2 million, Duczak to 160,000 and Duczak is eliminated two hands later in 3rd place, a cash of $10,620.

Zuidema Bounced off Escalator in 5th

DSC_0011 (1).jpg

LEVEL - 18    ANTE - 10000    BLINDS - 5000/10000    ENTRIES - 4/88

Brandon Zuidema began Day 2 play in the $1,100 Escalator as chipleader at 719,000 - more than 300,000 clear of any of his four remaining competitors.

Well, Day 2 started and ended rough as Zuidema is out 15 minutes in to Day 2.

A chunk of his stack already gone, Zuidema moves in for his last 465,000 with A-Q, up against the T-T of new chipleader Le Quoc.

The board runs out J-6-J-9-4 and Zuidema cashes for $5,470 is a rather unanticipated beginning to Day 2.

Quoc now has 920,000 of the 1.7 million chips in play

Cards in the Air for Escalator Day 2


LEVEL - 18    ANTE - 10000    BLINDS - 5000/10000    ENTRIES - 5/88

In seat-position order, here’s the final five players vying for the $28,250 top prize - and the Remington - in Day 2 of the $1,100 Escalator.

Levels increase 5 minutes with each LevelUp, having started yesterday with a 5-minute Level 1.

Cards in the air today at the start of Level 18 moves the levels to 90-minutes-long. Level 19 shall be a 95-minute levels.

2. Brandon Zuidema - 712,000

8. Yuhei Sanada - 393,000

5. Aaron Duczak - 332,000

6. Le Quoc - 236,000

9 Qinghai (Jack) Pan - 82,000

Final Five Back To Challenge for Escalator Title


Here’s the seat assignments and chipcounts for the final five players retuning at 2pm for the Day 2 Final restart in the $1,100 Escalator - LAPC Event 56.

Brandon Zuidema - a 2019 LAPC Remington winner - is more than 300,000 clear of the field. Below the seat assignments are the Day 1 payouts in the Escalator.

2. BRANDON ZUIDEMA - 712,000

8. YUHEI SANADA - 393,000

5. AARON DUCZAK - 332,000

6. LE QUOC - 236,000

9 QINGHAI PAN - 82,000