Congratulations to Alex Massman, Winner of the 2018 LAPO Main Event!


Given how many key coin flips were at this final table, it seems only appropriate that the final hand was once again a race. In this hand, Adam Demersseman held [6h][6d], while Alex Massman had [Qh][Jh]. The flop of [As][8h][Jd] shot Massman out into the lead, and he kept that lead on the [Kc] turn and [8d] river.

Adam Demersseman will earn $90,340 for his efforts. This score along more than doubles his lifetime earnings coming into the tournament. But the night belongs to Alex Massman, who shared a funny story with us after the win. Today was the first time that Massman wore sunglasses at the table. He said his brother gave them to him, and rather than leave them laying around in his bag, he decided to give them a shot today. Well he might have found a new supersitiation at the table, as Massman will take home the full first place prize of $136,610, as well as a seat to the 2019 LAPC Main Event!

Congratulations again to Alex and Adam, and thank you to everyone who played here at the 2018 LA Poker Open!

Robert Schmidt Eliminated in 3rd Place ($66,570)


Not long after losing over half of his chips to Alex Massman, Robert Schmidt was in a great position to get them right back, when he was all in preflop with [Qs][Js], dominating the [Jh][9c] of Massman. The board ran down [Jc][7c][3h][Ks][10s], and Schmidt’s queen kicker played to earn him the double to 3.6 million.

However, his comeback would be short lived, as he busted on the next hand. After Massman raised, Schmidt moved all in with [Jh][7h]. Massman called with [Ad][9d], and his hand held on the [Qd][10c][9s][4h][9c] runout.

This gets us to heads up, with Alex Massman holding a 17.3 millionto 5.6 million lead over Adam Demersseman.

Antonio Mallol Heredia Eliminated in 4th Place ($49,610)


Antonio Mallol Heredia got his final chips in preflop holding [Ah][Jh], and he was dominating the [Ac][3c] of Alex Massman. The flop of [7h][4d][6c] gave Massman a gutshot straight draw, and while the [10s] on teh turn didn’t help, the [5c] on the river certainly did.

This gets us to the final three. They took a look at the numbers, but a deal couldn’t be struck, so we carry on. Here are the exact chip counts, at the 75,000-150,000 level.

Alex Massman - 10,275,000
Adam Demersseman - 8,300,000
Robert Schmidt - 4,650,000

Thomas Zanot Eliminated in 5th Place ($37,390)


Adam Demersseman raised it up, and Thomas Zanot moved all in for around two million. Demersseman quickly called, and once again, we were off to the races in a big pot.

Zanot: [7s][7d]
Demersseman: [Ah][Ks]

Demersseman shot out to the lead on the flop of [Kc][10h][3c], and Zanot wasn’t able to catch up from there, as the board finished out [Kd] and [8h].

The final four briefly talked about looking at the numbers, but eventually decided to carry on with play four handed.