Congratulations to Michael Woo, Winner of the 2018 CSPC Main Event!


On the final hand of the tournament, Brett Murray got his final chips in with [Ac][Qc], and he was looking good to double up against the [Ad][9d] of Michael Woo. However, the flop of [Ah][9h][7s] brought top two pair for Woo, and Murray wasn't able to catch up, as the board finished out [3s] and [2c]. 

For his efforts, Murray will take home a career best $135,980, but the night (or early morning now), belongs to Michael Woo, who will take home $165,980. He will also take home the bear trophy, and a free seat to the $10,000 LAPC Main Event next year. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2018 CSPC. Good luck to everyone this summer at the WSOP, and we will see you guys again in September! 

The Final Three Make a Deal, But We Play On

As soon as we got down to the final three, they all realized they were fairly even with 12 million and change each. So a deal was quickly struck between the three (Robert Natividad, Brett Murray, and Michael Woo). They would all take home just under $136,000, and play for an extra $30,000, the trophy, and the $10,000 seat to the 2019 LAPC Main Event. 

The levels will be knocked down to 30 minutes from 60 minutes as a result, so the light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen! 

Josias Santos Eliminated in 5th Place ($56,070)


Josias Santos raised to 400,000 from under the gun, and Michael Woo reraised to one million. It folded back around to Santos, who moved all in for four million. Loo quickly called with [Kc][Kh], and he was well ahead of the [Ac][Jd] of Santos. Santos would pick up some extra outs on the [Qh][Js][8d] flop, but Santos wouldn't improve from there, as the board finished out [Qd] and [7s]. 

That pot makes Loo our new chip leader with over ten million.