At least the megasatellites are crushing it, should be close to 200 total satty winners in field

18 Million Dollar Main Event seats awarded in the 5pm mega

In our 10 seat guarantees we remove the chip leaders at 25%, 20%, 15%

The chip leader at

33 was Sean Kim with 160,000

26 Moshe Bouskila with 110,500

20 Lek Bunyaananta 136,000

The remaining 15 winners:

Philippe Ktorza

Estrella Lim

Sean Jazayeri

Makram Merhom

Avedis Chuldjian

Young Teack Lee

Alexis Martinez

Jeremy Stapel

Jason Nguyen

James Sileo

Jan Biernat

Erkinbek Ozumbekov

Diddy Chen

Shawn Motameni

Cesar Diaz

Another mega at 8pm with another 10 seats guaranteed, up up and away!