CSPC 2019 Events #2 and #3 are Underway

It looked like the series might kick off with a double miss on guarantees, but 339 entries for Event #2 $350 NLH meant that the $100,000 guarantee would be just slightly surpassed with a prize pool of $101,700. Players in that Event will play down to the final 43 tonight, and come back tomorrow to play to a winner.

Event #3, the $220 Survivor is underway with 100 entries and registration open until 9:30p. The top 10% of the field will all win $2,000 in that one day Event.

Tomorrow is a big Sunday with the $350 KO Bounty Event at 12pm with a $75k GTE and the return of the Facebook Exclusive for $120 with a $15k GTE. Results and chip counts will be posted here, so check back occasionally for updates on what’s going on during this year’s California State Poker Championship