Fontan Four-Flushes To Double Through Carroll


LEVEL - 23    ANTE - 25000    BLINDS - 15000/25000    ENTRIES - 9/546

Paul Fontan opens, Darren Elias 3-bets, James Carroll flats, Fontan moves in for his last 1.135 million, Elias steps out of the way and Carrol snap-calls to put Fontan at risk of elimination in 9th place in the WPT Championship

Carroll shows Kings

A♥︎ K♣︎ for Fontan

The all-clubs flop - J♣︎ 3♣︎ 7♣︎ - throws a bunch of extra outs at Fontan and he collects with the turn 9♣︎.

Carroll slips to 2.8 million