Pan Trying to Close Out Player of Series Races


2k PLO LEVEL - 16    BLINDS - 5000/10000    LIMITS - 20000/35000    ENTRIES - 6/82

Jack Pan may not have a 2019 Remington in his possession, but he’s been a constant presence in the moneyboards and at final tables since mid-January here at the 2019 LAPC.

Down to 6 players in Day 2 of the $2,140 PLO, Pan can lock up both the Overall Player of the Series and the Mixed Game Player of the Series titles with a win today. The 14 points he’s already earned in the $2k PLO is going to make it extremely difficult for Sean Yu or Peter Neff - Pan’s closest challengers - to pull off the title.

As of today, Pan stands to earn slightly more than $20,000 for his Player of the Series standings - including the Megas Leaderboard.