$2k Dealer's Choice at 1pm Today, $25k High Roller at 3pm


Sure, the 2019 LAPC started waaaaaaaaay back on January 16, the series is in its 6th week, the WPT $10,000 Championship in Day 4 … but wait, theres more of the Fun With The Pokers today.

1pm is the $2,140 Dealer’s Choice - 25,000 stacks, 40-minute levels 1-12, hour-long levels 13-close in this scheduled two-day event. Registration and the unlimited re-entry in this 6-Max format is open until level 7 begins at 5:30pm. 1-in-6 entires makes the money, with Day 1 scheduled to conclude once the money bubble goes poppity-pop. The Day 2 Final restart is set for Wednesday at 2pm.

3pm is the final High Roller on the schedule, a $25,500 NLH with 100,000 starting stacks, 30-minute Day 1 levels and hour-long levels at the Day 2 final table. Registration and the unlimited re-entry period for this event is slated to close when Level 9 begins at 7:30pm. Play is scheduled to stop when the final table is set, with the Day 2 Final restart 3pm Wednesday.