Time to (Action) Clock in at the @WPT Championship


LEVEL - 16    ANTE - 5000    BLINDS - 3000/5000    ENTRIES - 77

77 players remain and the tables are 8-handed now - 8 eliminations away from the money in the $1,000,000-to-the-winner WPT Championship and the Action Clock makes its appearance.

Each player now has 30 seconds max to act, or they use (and lose) of of their four TIME extension blocks.

I don’t work many Action Clock events but I’ve been impressed with seeing them in play at the tourney's I’ve been at. Actually, we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the last Action Clock event I worked and one of poker’s Biggest Folds in recent memory.

I was standing tableside when Ian Steinman turned to Brett Murray (next to me) and said, “I am the worst, I am the worst,” as he laid down a set of Kings to what turned out to be the Broadway of Joe McKeehen at the WPT Rolling Thunder Final Table.