Set Over Set - 3 from Money

LEVEL - 16    ANTE - 5000    BLINDS - 3000/5000    ENTRIES - 72/546

There’s an open from Ankush Mandavia, with Ajay Gnanasambanthan calling from the button.

Both players check the 6♠︎ J♦︎ 8♥︎ flop, with Mandavia (pictured, bottom) check-calling the 45,000 turn bet from Gnanasambanthan (pictured, top) on the A♦︎ turn.

River is 8♥︎, Mandavia checks a third time, Gnanasambanthan pauses long enough to surrender a TIME chip, then makes it 150,000 to go.

Mandavia is facing a bet for about 40 percent of his remaining stack, and before needing a TIME chip, he calls.

Gnanasambanthan shows J♦︎ J♠︎

Mandavia pauses, holds his cards up in front of his face, then face-up mucks 6-6.

Flopped Top set on the flop for Gnanasambanthan

Bottom set on the flop for Mandivia, you have to wonder if being three from the money saved Mandivia from busting in that spot.