Hartmann 's 3rd Double Earns his First KO

DSC_0010 (3).jpg

LEVEL - 20    ANTE - 20000    BLINDS - 10000/20000    ENTRIES - 3/29

Anthony Hartmann doubled through Andrew Wisdom in 6-handed play of today’s $10,000 High Roller Turbo - Q♥︎ 9♦︎ > K♦︎ Q♣︎ - when he not only caught the 9♥︎ on the river but it was the fourth heart, for a flush and a double to 130,000.

Hartmann slipped to 100k, then doubled 4-handed through Sam Soverel - K♥︎ Q♥︎ > AT - when the flop came all hearts.

Now ‘flush’ with chips, calls the all-in of a shorter-stacked Mark Minevich and is racing with 8♥︎ 8♠︎ against Q♥︎ J♦︎

8 on the flop, board pairs 3’s on the turn and Hartmann’s boat scores the elimination.

Minevich cashes in 4th for $40,420 and moves to 325,000.