.@BrettMurray555 Sends One Home, Dodges His Own Elimination

DSC_0064 (1).jpg

LEVEL - 16    ANTE - 5000    BLINDS - 3000/5000    ENTRIES - 74/546

There’s an open to 12,000 before Jake Schindler moves in for his last 97,000. Action folds to Brett Murray in the BB and he asks for a count, then also moves in.

The original raiser holds up A♥︎ Q♥︎ and mucks them quite rapidly.

Schindler has Sixes - Murray Has Jacks

Kx 7x T♥︎ goes the flop, 8♥︎ turn and the OR chuckles aloud as though he knows another heart is coming.

Yep, K♥︎ river.

Murray scores the elimination and would also be on the rail were in not for the fold.

Murray is approaching NorCalLegendStatus as he recently moved past Inaugural WPT Rolling Thunder Champ JC Tran for No. 1 on the All-Time TVPokerRoom Money List. WPT returns to TVPokerRoom Friday for the start of the 2019 Rolling Thunder $5,000.