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LEVEL - 4    ANTE - 300    BLINDS - 200/300    ENTRIES - 478

So, there’s action over at Table 51, lots of it, in fact the All-in button is positioned in front on Gavin O’Rourk.

Yet-to-act on this decision is Dapo Ajayi - 9th last week at the HPT Main Event in Black Hawk - and Allen Kessler says Dapo already verbalized he has a full house.

So, why the hesitation with the board reading K♦︎ 4♦︎ T♦︎ K♥︎ 5♥︎ ?

I can vouch for the fact Dapo has times - demonstrated in Black Hawk - where his decision-making can be, how shall we say, deliberate.

This time, well, if he is claiming to have a boat … what’s he got, Fours and he’s afraid of Fives, Tens or KT? Or did he flop a diamond-flush and this is Dapo-Meets-Hollywood?

There’s eventually a muck, but Dapo won’t let go of his cards, peeling them up only far enough for him to snap a cell-phone photo of them, and THEN he mucks.

Craig Varnell - to Dapo’s right - needs to get his $3.50 in with a, “You called me with (expletive deleted) King-high and you fold a (same expletive deleted) boat to him???”

We’ll never know, unless Dapo posts that picture somewhere. Tell us if you see a copy floating around, k? Players are about to go on a 15-minute break, maybe we’ll get the photo-evidence then …