Pop Goes the Bubble


LEVEL - 15 ANTE - 10000 BLINDS - 5000/10000 ENTRIES - 57/453

Listen, you can almost hear it from where you’re reading … that sound … it is 57 SO JAKCED poker players who just made the money in Day 1A of the $100,000 Guaranteed two-flight $350 Jacked Stack ii, Event 31 in the 2-019 LAPC. Almost 8 hours exactly from cards in the air to in-the-money.

The next 11 players eliminated (57-47th place) all cash for $450, Players finishing 46th down to 37th-place cash for $550 tonight.

Make the final 36 and play is going to come to a screeching halt, time for the Bag-n-Tag so you can return Sunday at 1pm for the Day 2 Final restart.

Wether you’ve already been eliminated, earned a Day 1 Cash or Bagged a stack later tonight, everyone from Day 1A is eligible to enter Saturday’s noon-start for day 1B, as the LAPC believes in Best Stack Forward.