36 Returning Sunday for Day 2 of Jacked Stack II

DSC_0011 (2).jpg

Down to 36 players in Day 1A of Jacked Stack II so it is time for the Bag-n-Tag, all bagged-up stacks returned to their owners at 1pm Sunday for the Day 2 Final restart.

Brian Scott (pictured) was on his way to the rail in 42nd place - all-in with Ace-King against Jacks, he was a Jack on the turn but the River Queen gave him a runner-runner Broadway in a 1 million pot to survive. Swift bagged exactly 1,000,000, 3/36.

Here’s the player-provided chipcounts for the 36 So Jacked surviving players, along with the payouts from 37-57th place, those who earned a Day 1 Cash but not a Day 2 Bag.