3rd Career Remington for @ShirleyRosario, Winner of $570 Stud @CommerceCasino in 2019 @LAPC


Earning her third career Remington, Shirley Rosario is the winner of the $570 Stud - Event 26 in the 2019 LAPC - defeating Victor Shalom heads-up for the victory at a final table she simply dominated.

Four-handed play saw Rosario and Shalom joined by Barbara Enright and Kathy Chang, three women in the final four of the event. Enright finished 4th and Chang - who overcame a late arrival due to a flat tire on her way to the Commerce - finished 3rd.

One of the strongest mixed-game players at any table in any poker room anywhere, this is Rosario’s first Stud victory at the LAPC - going along with her $570 Big O/PLO win in 2018 and her $1,065 HORSE in 2011.

Here’s the final results.