Rechnitzer's Wild Comeback in O8

DSC_0003 (2).jpg

In the BB with 45,000 behind, and limits at 30,000-60,000, it was now-or-never time for Gerard Rechnitzer in his $570 Omaha8 heads-up match against Shane Howeth.

“I was going to give you action with any two cards, but I just can’t,” says Howeth as he mucks, and Rechnitzer turns over A-2-K-Q.

Now in the SB for 15k, 75k behind, off to the flop they go. A-8-3, Rechnitzer takes the pot uncontested and shows A-K-K-6.

“I had a pair of deuces and nothing to go with it,” said Howeth.

A walk for Rechnitzer, the next hand, but they’ll see a flop on this one.

  • 9c - 9h - 6c

  • 30k, call

  • 5s

  • 60k, call

  • 6s

  • all in from Rechnitzer, a muck from Howeth and Rechnitzer has played his way back from < 1BB to 4BB.

  • Wait, he’s not done, he goes Boat three hands later on a 5-T-5-K-3 board, Howeth having a flush, and Rechnitzer is up to 445,000 now.

  • Wait, he’s really not done, 9 more hands gone and the two players have equal stacks.