Rechnitzer Comes All the Way Back To Take Omaha8 Title, 20 Years After His Dad's First LAPC Win

IMG_1484 (1).jpg

Down to less than 1 BigBet, Gerard Rechnitzer went on an amazing heater to build his way back - slowly at first - then rolling rapidly, all the way to the win in the $570 Omaha8, Event 24 in the 2019 LAPC.

We documented a rapid sequence of hands where Rechnitzer gained momentum and chips that led to he claiming the Remington as he and Shane Howeth brought the tournament to its conclusion.

As wild as his ride was to the win, Rechnitzer settled in for the winner’s photo when his dad, George, came over and he pulled up a 20-year-old photo of the duo. That photo, they said, was also from the LAPC, 20 years earlier, son with his hands around a Stud-tourney Remington, Dad smiling alongside. Dad won the $1,060 Stud8 that day in 1998, defeating Sam Grizzle heads-up FTW.

Below you’ll see all the final results, and the close-up image of the 20-year-old father-and-son is what you see here on the right.