Today at the LAPC


The 2019 LAPC has advanced to the $570 buy-in portion of the series - featuring two tournaments today, both awarding Mixed Game Player of the Series points.

  • 1 pm is the $570 Stud, with 15,000 stacks, 40-min levels on the first of two days, registration open until the start of Level 7 at 5:30pm. Day 1 play lasts until the final table is established, those players returning Wednesday at 1pm to play 60-min levels.

  • 5 pm is the $570 Big O, also a 2-day event, 15,000 stacks with 30-min levels 1-8, moving to 40-min levels when registration closes at the start of Level 9 at 9:30pm. Play to the money, then come back Wednesday at 3pm for the Day 2 Final.

  • 7pm and 9pm features $150 Satellites in to the One Day One Million.