Buy in Now for Heads-Up on Wednesday


The first 64 players to come to the registration cage at the LAPC and put down their $1,100 buy-in are the 64 who are going to play Wednesday at 1 pm in the Heads-Up tournament.

Players begin with 20,000 stacks and play 15-minute levels in one of four 16-player brackets. Each match is a best 2-out-of-3 format, played with a 30-second shot clock in action for every hand.

This is a two-day event. Win your first three matches and you are both in the money and moving on to the Day 2 restart at 2 pm.

Again, this is a 64-player-max event - registration is only available in person at the registration cage. Cards go in the air Wednesday at 1 pm.

Event 28 - $1,100 Heads Up w/ Shot Clock - Structure Sheet