Very Patient Start to $2,140NL Hold'em Final Table


LEVEL - 18    ANTE - 6000    BLINDS - 3000/6000    ENTRIES - 8/98

There’s a deliberate pace to the action taking place the first few orbits in today’s $2,140 final table - Event 59 at the LAPC.

the standard play is a middle-to-late position player open for 15,000 or 16,000 and take the blinds. Cord Garcia and chipleader Taylor Wilson (pictured) just made it to showdown on a 6♠︎ 2♠︎ 4♠︎ 3♠︎ J♦︎ board by checking it down and WIlson taking the pot with a bet.

Wilson eliminated Jared Greiner (9th, $5,960) on one of the first few hands of the day to move to 750,000 of the 2.45 million in play.