Ma Bubbles $570 Archie


LEVEL - 12    BLINDS - 1500/3000   LIMITS - 3000/6000    ENTRIES - 10/55

Tony Ma makes it 2 bets, Nick Pupillo makes it 3, Ma calls and both players draw one. Ma bets, Pupillo calls, each take one - same pattern for the next two draws.

Ma checks after the final draw, only 1,500 (1/2 of a bet) behind. Pupillo bets and Ma has to muck, failing to make a qualifying hand.

He’s in for 1/2Bet from the BB the next hand, Pupillo pushes everyone off and takes one, Ma taking three.

Both players take one on the remaining two draws, Pupillo shows Aces, Ma does not make a qualifying hand and he’s out in 11th in LAPC 60 - $570 Archie.

Final Day 1 chipcounts and Day 2 seat assignments coming in a few minutes.