Bubble Time in $570 Archie


LEVEL - 12    BLINDS - 1500/3000    LIMITS - 3000/6000    ENTRIES - 11/55

Iori Yogo makes it 3 bets after the open from Sean Yu, the short-stacked Tony Ma gets out of the way and Yu calls, taking one, while Yogo stands pat.

The same pattern takes place for all three draws - a bet from Yogo, a call from Yu, Yogo pats, Yu takes one.

Once all the betting is done, “wheel,” says Yogo and he shows A-2-3-4-5.

“You were dealt a wheel?” says Yu, almost incredulous, as his cards go in the muck.

11 players remain, 10 cash, 10 Bag-n-Tag to return tomorrow at 3pm and play down to a winner in LAPC 60 - $570 Archie (aka 5-card triple draw Hi/Lo)

One goes home tomorrow and does not return for Day 2.