Two 50-Seat $175 Megas Thursday to win One Day One Million Seats


There’s two chances Thursday - 1pm and 6pm - to win a One Day One Million Mega seat for just $175.

The first 50-seat-guarantee $175 Mega is Thursday at 1pm - the second is at 6pm (note the one-hour-later-than-original starting time). Begin with 10,000 stacks and play 15-minute levels. Registration and the unlimited re-entry period closes at the start of Level 9 (3:15pm for the 1pm Mega and 8:15pm for the 6pm Mega).

The tournament concludes once the number of players remaining is equal to the number of seats being awarded.

Awarded seats are not transferable. Seats awarded must be used in Friday’s One Day One Million Mega where winners receive an entry to the March 2-6 $10,00 WPT Championship. Players who already have two entries in to the One Day One Million receive a $1,100 Lammer rather than a seat.

Thursday is also the World-Wide Debut of the One-And-Done Satellite format.

At predetermined points in the tournament, the chip leader(s) will be removed from play and awarded their seat. When the number of players left to be eliminated is equal to the final number of tables to be used, there will be a total redraw of balanced tables, and the tournament will run as a reverse shootout. Once one player is eliminated at a table, the rest of that table receives their seat. (See the structure sheet and One-And-Done table for details).

Thursday $175 Megas to One Day One Million - Structure Sheet