Queens Hold Twice, Send One Home


LEVEL - 14    ANTE - 2500    BLINDS - 1500/2500    ENTRIES - 20/98

Two tables - two hands - two with Queens in tonight’s $2,140 NL Hold’em.

There’s an all-in by a short-stack, with Daniel Strelitz over-the-top all-in for 3x that stack. Jack Pan asks for a count, then folds from the BB.

Strelitz has Queens, up against A-3. His challenger catches a 3 on the flop, but the board runs out 9-7-8-7 and Strelitz adds to his stack, notching an elimination as well.

The next-door table has Peter Neff - he of the $2,140 Deuce Triple Draw win earlier tonight - holding A-Q all in to put Galen Hall at risk. Hall shows Queens and puts his last 79,500 in the middle.

4-6-7-8-7 goes this board and Hall doubles, leaving Neff at about 115,000.