Neff Scores the Victory in $2,140 Deuce


Peter Neff has held the chiplead for most of the day at the 4-handed-to-start Day 2 in LAPC Event 57 - $2,140 Deuce Triple Draw.

Montgomery Markland was eliminated early on in 4th place, while more than two hours went by before Brian Brubaker exited in third.

Mike Noori held second in chips for quite some time, then slid clear down to 37,000 before building the stack back up. At a fairly big chip-deficit to Neff, Noori held pat with a T-7, Neff drawing one to a 2-3-5-7.

The dealer slides across a 6, and Noori finishes as runner-up, cashing for $14,420 while Neff heads off to collect his Remington and $21,615 as the winner.