Great Flop, Devastating River for Duong


LEVEL - 20   ANTE - 10000    BLINDS - 5000/10000    ENTRIES - 6/114

Duey Duong opens for 22,000, Michael Rocco puts him all in and Duong decides to call off his stack preflop at the final table of LAPC Event 54 - $100,000 Guaranteed $1,100 NLH.

Duong - K♦︎ Q♦︎

Rocco - T♠︎ T♥︎

Duong crushes the K♠︎ 6♦︎ 9♦︎ flop, top pair and a flush draw. He improves to two pair with the Q♥︎ turn.

Then the river shows up.


One of only 4 outs Rocco had remaining.

Duong is out in 7th place, a $4,310 cash.

Rocco moves up to 1,180,000 of the 2,280,000 chips in play with 6 left.