Josh Prager Wins The LAPC One Million


A massive 1,770-entry field turned out across four starting flights for $1,100 buy-in The LAPC One Million - Event 50 on the 69-tournament calendar. The tournament came to its conclusion early Monday morning with NorCal’s Josh Prager taking home the Remington and the top payout of $227,775.

With six players remaining, Prager had more than twice the amount of chips of the player in second, and the final six opted to take a look at ICM numbers. Prager was fine taking whatever the ICM numbers showed and shutting the event down to go home.

More than one of the remaining five wanted more than the $100,000-$115,000 the ICM numbers showed, so an agreement was made to leave $60,000 on the table - $30k, $20k and $10k - and play until all the chips were in front of one player.

When down to 5,4 and 3 players, Prager proposed all taking equal amounts and going home, but debates came about over small percentages of the payouts, and play continued until Prager and Sean Swingruber brought the event to a close.

Here’s how the final results came out.