ICM and Leave Some to Play for Final 6 in LAPC One Million


LEVEL - 30    ANTE - 200000    BLINDS - 100000/200000    ENTRIES - 6/1770

The final 6 players in The LAPC One Million opted to take a look at ICM numbers before cards went back in the air to start Level 30 - with overwhelming chipleader Josh Prager willing to shut the tournament down and head home.

The other five players agreed to lock in payouts and leave a total of $60,000 on the table. Prager is going to finish as the TopCash and earn the title due to having more than twice the number of chips of anyone else in the event at this time, while the final payouts are still to be determined.

Here’s what everyone has locked up.

$202,410 and the Remington - Josh Prager

$107,995 - Faisal Shihabi

$107,585 - Sean Swingruber

$100,000 - Aleksandr Gofman

$98,430 - Mihails Morozovs

$95,460 - Kevin Song.

  • The next three players eliminated retain the payout listed before his name.

  • The player exiting in 3rd earns an additional $10,000

  • The player departing in second earns $20,000 more

  • The player who owns all the chips at the end adds $30,000 to his listed payout.