5th for @AriEngelPoker in $1,100 O8/Stud8 Championship


In with A♥︎ 3♥︎ 3♥︎ T♦︎ for the remainder of his chips, Ari Engel is up against the A♠︎ 7♠︎ 2♦︎ 3♦︎ of Frankie O’Dell.

The board goes 7♦︎ 5♠︎ A♣︎ 4♥︎ K♥︎ and O’Dell eliminates another player from the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship final table.

Engel cashes for $4,990 and moves for now in to the Top-10 on the Overall LAPC Player of the Series leaderboard.

O’Dell is at 550,000 of the 1.45 million in play, 4-0handed with Tony Ma, Don Halpern and Iori Yogo