41 After 1 Level in $1,100 PLO8


LEVEL - 2    BLINDS - 100/200    LIMITS - 400/700    ENTRIES - 41

Tonight’s LAPC tournament offering is an $1,100 PLO8, with 41 entries in place as Level 2 moves along. Start with a 20,000 stack and play 40-minute Day 1 levels. Registration and the re-entry period closes at the end of Level 7 at 9:30pm.

Play concludes for the night once the money bubble goes pop. Player Bag-n-Tag at that point, returning Tuesday at 3pm for the Day 2 Final restart.

Among those with a 20,000 stack already in play is Ari Engel, who walked the few feet from his now-completed O8/Stud8 final table appearance, Shirley Rosario, Carol Fuchs, Miami John Cernuto, Tim Frazin, Taxi, Anthony Pitesa, Sirous Baghchehsaraie, Alexander Orlov, Allen Kessler, Jack Pan, Randy Sam and David Brookshire.