$1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship Title Goes to Halpern


Don Halpern takes about half of Frankie O’Dell’s chips on the very first hand of heads-up play in the $1,100 Omaha8/Stud8 Championship final table, extending his chiplead to a 5-1 margin.

A few more hands take place, O’Dell asks Halpern - who is anxious to get across the second-floor Commerce Casino tournament room to enter the $1,100 PLO8 - to alter the payouts slightly to give O’Dell $17k and Halpern a 5-spot shy of $21k. The gentlemen agree and all the chips go to Halpern as winner of LAPC Event 53.

This is Halpern’s fourth 2019 LAPC final table appearance. He finished as runner-up to James Woods in the $570 Triple Triple Draw, 3rd in the $350 PLO8 and 4th in the $570 BigO/PLO8/O8. Halpern moves in to 3rd place in the Mixed Game Player of the Series leaderboard and in to the Top-10 on the Overall POTS leaderboard. POTS

Here’s the final results.