Lyons Roaring in Day 2 @LAPC One Million


From 53,000 to 575,000 in about an hour - a simple 9x-plus.

Brace yourselves, folks, y’all might be hearing the Lyons Roar throughout the day and night in the second-floor Commerce Casino tournament area.

Pay Lyons peeled a large chuck of chips from Cord Garcia and now he eliminated Ari Engel a few moments ago to move within a single 25k-chip from the 600,000 mark and one of the Top5Stacks in the room in Day 2 of The LAPC One Million.

He posted something to Twitter when he hit 450k, but he’s speaking in HashTags, so we’ll turn to his 280-or-fewer-character note and let y’all decipher the message yourselves.