Double for @FlyinLyons Through @Cord_Garcia_ in Day 2 @LAPC One Million

DSC_0026 (2).jpg

If there’s a poker tournament going on, you’ll know whether Pat Lyons - the self-proclaimed World-Famous Pat Lyons - is in based on the volume level in the tournament arena.

Although he began Day 2 of The LAPC One Million 135/140 with 10BB, his volume was at VintageLyons levels, entertaining or attempting to entertain his tablemates, including Ari Engel and Cord Garcia, while those like Brett Murray one table back occasionally leaned over to listen (or tune out!).

Lyons is telling everyone he can find to not just play the WPT $10,000 Championship at the LAPC, but to then follow the WPT north to TVPokerRoom at Thunder Valley outside Sacramento for a $5,000 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event. Lyons claims TVPokerRoom as one of his poker homes (and I claim it as home, there more days per year than in my own home).

Lyons moved in, didn’t draw a call, then moved in after an open from Engel and a call by Garcia. Watch the video below to see how it played out.