$100,000 GTD $1,600 With $500 Bounties Going Now

DSC_0021 (3).jpg

$1600 BOUNTY LEVEL -2    ANTE - 100    BLINDS - 100/100    ENTRIES - 75

Here’s some of the players we noticed on a lap around the second-floor tournament area at the Commerce Casino during the $1,00,000 Guaranteed NLH Bounty Championship is Phil Laak, Tyler Patterson, Randy Gil, One-ChipEd Alikhani, Sammy Teranie, Michael Rocco, Cody Bell and a non-heads-up-tournament appearance by John Smith (pictured).

20,000 stacks, 40-minute levels, $500 bounty on every player, registration to the start of Level 7 at 4:30pm.