Make that 420 and Flying Higher


LEVEL - 2    ANTE - 200    BLINDS - 100/200    ENTRIES - 420

Level 2 is about 2/3rds gone and the registration line is smokin’, the play clock shows 420 entries in Day 1D of The LAPC One Million. There’s a steady flow of players arriving who came in believing the event began at 1pm rather than its noon kickoff.

It is OK, though, blinds are still 100/200 as they were at noon, the 200 ante has kicked in, though.

Rep Porter, Matt Clark, Randy Sam, Ben Keeline, Kindah Sakkal, Victor Paredes and Ubaid Habib are among those I see among the most recent arrivals (or maybe I didn’t see them my first few trips through the room).

So, those of you arriving at 1pm, registration and the single re-entry period closes at the start of Level 7, that’s 4:30pm today, folks.