Big Hands Approaching Last Hand


DAY 1B LEVEL - 16    ANTE - 6000    BLINDS - 3000/6000    ENTRIES - 26/310

Sasha Sabbaghian moves all in on a K-9-3, two-club flop and after more than a bit of hesitation, he draws a caller, putting Sabbaghian at risk one elimination away from the end of Day 1B in The LAPC One Million.

Sabbaghian shows K-Q, one club and appears relieved that he’s called by K-9 of hearts.

The river pairs the 3, Sabbaghian’s Queen plays and he moves to 250,000.

Across to another table and Ari Engel is putting a boatload of pressure on his challenger on an A-x-x-K board, check-raising to 80,000, about 40 percent of his challenger’s stack. The clock is called and with 2 seconds remaining, calling chips are put out.

River a seemingly harmless 3, a check, Engel moves in and gets snap-called. Engel shows Q-9 for air, his challenger slams down A-8 in celebration of a double to 450,000.

One away … 26 left .. the next elimination cashes for $2,000 and the 25 remaining all Bag-n-Tag to return Sunday at 1pm for the Day 2 Final restart.