$1,100 HORSE Title Goes to Carol Fuchs


Chipleader to begin Day 2, leading the way at the final table 7-handed when ICM came in to play to assist a player who needed to leave for the airport, owner of half of all the chips in play 3-handed.

I think that pretty much sums up the fact Carol Fuchs owned LAPC Event 48, the $1,100 HORSE.

Fuchs went Aces Full on the final hand to defeat Ari Engel heads-up and claim the Remington along with $16,610 cash.

This is the fourth final table for Fuchs in the 2019 LAPC, moving her in to the Top-5 in the Mixed Game Player of the Series race. This is her second-career Remington, going along with her win last year in the $570 O8. She also owns a WSOP bracelet from her 2015 6-Max $1500 Dealers Choice win.

Here’s the final results in the $1,100 HORSE.