Get That Dealer's Choice Going


Cards are in the air for Event 42 in the 2019 LAPC - the $570 Dealer’s Choice.

Here’s all the available games to choose from tonight - NLH, LIMIT HOLD'EM, 7 CARD STUD, RAZZ, STUD 8/b, STUD HI-LOW REGULAR, PLO, PLO 8, BIG O, OMAHA 8, 2-7 TRIPLE DRAW, A-5 TRIPLE DRAW, BADUGI, BADEUCY, BADACEY, 2-7 NL SINGLE DRAW

Start with 15,000 stacks and play 30-minute levels in this 6-max tournament while registration is open until the start of Level 9 at 9:30pm.

Play moves to 40-minute levels once Level 9 begins, with play continuing until the money is rached. All players in the money move on to Saturday’s 3pm restart fo the Day 2 Final.

Event 42 - $570 Dealer’s Choice - Structure Sheet.