Among the Stud8 Crowd Today is ...


LEVEL - 7 ANTE - 100 BRING IN - 200 LIMITS - 500/1000 ENTRIES - 93

Players in today’s $1,100 Stud8 are just returning to their tables after the registration break.

Among the more than two dozen I recognized on a quick trip through the tournament tables who came out to get their Stud game in play is Sirous Baghchehsaraie, Chris Grigorian, Sean Yu, Cyndy Violette, Allen Kessler, Tim Frazin, Grumpy Ware, Alexander Orlov, Wayne Diep, Men Nguyen, Neil Smith, Kathy Chang, Gerard Rechnitzer, Tamon Nakamura, Bob Mather, Carol Fuchs, Wendy Freedman, James Woods, Kai Hicks, David Brookshire, Mike Noori, Harry Arutyunyan, Alan Myerson, Adam Kipnis, Anthony Pitesa, Abner Levy, Shirley Rosario, Craig Chait, Barb Enright and Don Hapner.

The full Pay Table is going to post shortly.