102 Entries so far in $350 Shootouts


101 entries in today’s $350 Shootouts - Event 37 on the 2019 LAPC Schedule - with registration and the re-entry period available as long as play is continuing.

12,500 stacks, playing 20-minute levels at 8-handed tables. Win your table and make the money, advancing to tomorrow’s 3pm Day 2 Final restart.

Multiple tables are in play now, new tables available to open with each additional 8 registrants. All players may re-enter until the 8pm deadline. Payouts are going to be determined once registration wraps up for the night. New tables begin at Level 1 - 100 Ante, blinds 100/100.

Here’s the players who have already won their Shootout table and moved on to tomorrow’s Day 2.

  • Sohale Khalili

  • Lawrence Chang

  • Alfredo Pacheco

  • Peter Neff

  • Yehontan Levi

  • Clyde Shimp